The companies industrial maintenance

The companies industrial maintenance
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The companies industrial maintenance

The industrial maintenance is one of the essential keys that all companies should consider in order to maintain and optimize the quality standards in production from different strands. These strands should be coordinated in harmony. Nowadays, the industrial maintenance represents an essential investment, in spite of being subject to changes in the past. In this respect, the professionalism of Mongrat involves the expansion of its services from Murcia to the rest of Spain. And this is endorsed by famous brands as for Coca-Cola, El Pozo, and Mercadona.
In this ways, Mongrat raises the industrial maintenance on the basis of rules and techniques whose goal is the preservation and improvement of the long-term output. All of this in terms of machinery and installation of industrial plants. The qualified staff meets the customer needs in this process according to three levels of maintenance: the corrective one, the preventive one, and the proactive one.
The first level is about technological solutions. These are designed to diagnose and solve any problem related to production systems. The second level emerges from there due to the evolution of specific departments. This is set in order to complement the previous one by implementing prevention in order to anticipate and avoid future failures. That is, success does just not happen by ensuring efficiency, but also avoiding unnecessary costs due to breakdowns. Finally, the third level tries to achieve the production increase and reliability through a specific maintenance.
Therefore, the industrial maintenance in Murcia, and in the rest of Spain, that Mongrat enables, entails specific goals. Some of them are ensuring the correct standardized operation of the facilities and services of the company, avoiding the early wear of equipment, and promoting affordable costs.

Gerente y propietario en Mongrat Montajes Industriales, empresa con mas de 20 años de experiencia en el sector. Victor Fernández Pazo


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